Some in the Ninth World remember them as relics from the old world. They stand floating in the air, silent like guardians of forbidden knowledge. Only the first Amber Pope Father Calaval has entered these mysterious structures and had lived long enough to write about it.

Calaval is famous for creating The Order of Truth, now many years after his death, the newly elected Amber Pope of the Order has made it his mission to make sense of the ramblings and investigate what lies within the Monolith.

To pull this off, he’s going to need some outside help, the head Priest is currently recruiting adventurers from all around the Ninth World to audition for the honor of leading the expedition into the Monolith. So far none have managed to succeed in the mysterious auditions.

Currently the Priest is in Navarene, the most prosperous region in The Steadfast. In its capital city Charmonde where the ageless queen rules the Priest is seeking for the perfect candidate.

Will that candidate be you?

Numenera: The Amber Monolith